About us

About Us

Find the club which corresponds to you
Everyone is different and doesn’t especially look for the same type of clubs. Every club got its own atmosphere, genre of music, decoration, entry fee, standing, dresscode, timetables and much more.
The goal of Snight is providing you all these informations.
It was a Snight!
What a Snight!
These slogans, that’s why we created this website ! A snight is not an usual good night, it’s one of these nights which will stay in your mind forever like the best ever. How many of you have searched a nightclub during a long time and didn’t find what you wanted ? There is not a lots of informations about clubs, and no website to regroup all types of club on the same platform to get easily all informations. We’ve created Snight.com for you!
We are club trotters
Snight clubbing is worldwide and works the same way no matter where you are. With the app, you can see all clubs around you and stay connected to them. Consult their calendar, subscribe to guest lists, make VIP reservation and always be aware of the best opportunities. Everything you need as a passionated clubber you may find it on Snight.com.
How you can help us ?
We are at the beginning of our history, we have created the tool but we need you to get it alive. You have different ways to help us.
- Suggest us some new clubs
- Share Snight with your friends
- Review the clubs, it will help clubbers to choose their next destination, it also gratifies clubs and help them to get better
- Tell us what you think about Snight clubbing
Snight is starting now and will get better everyday

Our rules

Reviews and rating
Our ranking is based on these 4 criterias:
1. Quality of staff
2. General atmosphere
3. Deco/Design
4. Entry fee
Quality of staff : We mean all regarding benefits and services, at the entrance, the locker room, the bar, at the table, VIP service, ...
General atmosphere: We mean the soul of the club, the music, people and everything you consider important to spend a great time !
Deco/Design: We eant to know what you think about the effort the club have done to make his club a unique place.
Entry Fee : We want to know if you think you are pay the right price for what you get. Of course, you need to consider where you are. Example: St-Tropez or Ibiza will cost more than most of the clubs worldwide.
We ask you to be honest and upright in your vote.
Our goal is to provide an honest ranking based on clubbers’ reviews. We hope everyone understands this idea. We will not tolerate wrong reviews for putting down club's reputation.
Our Snips (promotions/notifications)
Your followed clubs or the ones which are close to your position can send you promotions / notifications if you allow them. For example : you are traveling to Madrid know nothing about the nightclubs there, with the website and applications, you will receive proposals directly to your phone. We will not spam you with useless advertising, we think this is a good deal for users and owners of clubs. Owner can promote their club and the user can be informed and it gives you some ideas for your next SNIGHT!
Enjoy our plateform and share it with your friends Snight, take part of the community!
We have created Snight because we believe it’s the tool every clubbers have been waiting for. So give us reason and help us to become the clubbing reference.
If you want more informations or any suggestion, you can contact us to info@snight.com.